Eyebrow Dye Zola Tint

ZOLA dye is a new word in the world of eyebrow dyes. Eyebrow dye Ash is a permanent dye that gives a gentle result due to the soft alkali of the new generation DMAMP ULTRA PC. The tint gives a bright juicy imprint on the skin when stained.

– Incredibly rich tint composition, which includes hydrolyzed collagen, lanolin, sorbitol.
– Unique lamellar dye structure.
– A new technology in cosmetic chemistry gives the texture of the dye the most similar to the skin and its layers.
– A wide palette of versatile shades that can be mixed to create unique colors

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Zola dye palette
A universal shade for blondes and light blond women, it does not darken the hair and has a unique color scheme – on warm women, it lies warmer, and on cold women, a colder shade.

Ideal for red and warm brown-haired women, it has a rich copper-brown hue.

A versatile brown shade that adheres tightly to the skin and is suitable for anyone who needs a neutral brown shade: from dark blond to brown hair, brunettes and redheads.

Neutral dark brown shade, has a neutral base, suitable for brunettes, brown-haired women and dark blond.

Cold graphite shade can be used both independently and as a corrector color. When added to brown, dark brown, light brown – you get colder shades.

How to use: Mix the dye with an oxidizing agent (1:1) in a non-metallic container. Apply the mixture evenly on the eyebrows, being careful not to go beyond their contour. Holding time up to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water using a cotton swab.

Volume: 15 ml


Dark Brown, Graphite, Light Brown, Brown, Warm Brown