Lami Tool Kit

Kit includes:

– Large, beveled brush (1)

– Ginger  straight brush (2)

– Beveled small brush (3)

– Rounded black brush (4)

– Lamination brush (5)

– Glue Balm straight brush (6)


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– Large, beveled brush – for applying and marking the eyebrow contour with paste. Very easily uses a large area of the eyebrow at once.

– Ginger straight brush – for cleaning and creating straight lines when applying the contour with a pencil, or paste. When cleaning in staining with henna and tint.

– Beveled small brush for dyed henna, drawing clear and graphic lines.

– Rounded black brush – for applying lamination compounds to the brow area.

– Lamination brush – for applying lamination compounds to the eyelash area.

– Glue Balm straight brush – brush for hair coloring of eyebrows with henna, as well as for perfect removal of formulations in the pre-lamination procedure. The brush is also suitable for applying glue to a silicone pad.