Lash Lift Shields from Katya Vinog

Set of 3 pairs : #2-3-4

  • Shields #2 – Great for short lashes (even to lift the bottom lashes – just cut the “leaf” of the lift shield). This lash lift rod size can be used on lashes as short as 4mm and as long as 6mm. This lash shield size will not give a strong curl, so use it proportionally to the natural eyelash length.


  • Shields #3 – The most popular size of the Katya Vinog Lash Lifting Shiels – its proportions were measured based on the calculations of statistic analysis. The shortest lashes that can be lifted on using these eyelash lifting shields are 5-6mm.


  • Shields #4 – Ideal size for the long eyelashes. When lifting the lashes up on to the rod, the shortest lashes that will get the curl will be 8-9mm. When using this size of Kate Vinog shields the natural lash length pass the top edge of the lifting rod.


  • Sheilds #2.5 – another innovation from Katya Vinogradova! Perfect size for clients who would like to get a bit stronger curl and #3 feels just too natural.

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These super soft lash lifting shields are made from 100% hypoallergic silicone. The anatomical shape of the Kate Vinog Lash Lifting Sheilds are perfect for any eye shape, they will sit tightly on the eyelid and you don’t even need to use the glue to position them on the eyelid.

Kate Vinog Lash Lift Shields are teal colour which makes them therapeutic for the eye. Teal colour is proven to relax the eye muscle, this is very important for the eyelash technician, as we are working every day with small and thin natural eyelashes.