Lami Lashes & Brows Savannah Color Guard Tint

SAVANNAH COLOR GUARD – new hybrid tint can be used for both eyebrows and eyelashes.
This product contains nourishing ingredients that will help strengthen, add shine, protect the hairs, and stimulate their growth.

The range offers 5 beautiful colors + 2 oxides (1.5% for lamination and 2.8% for coloring without subsequent lamination). This means you can create a variety of shades and customize them perfectly to suit your client’s needs!

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• Olive oil – protects against drying and adds shine to hairs/eyelashes;
• Vitamin C – provides both durable and gentle coloring, promotes long-term preservation of shade intensity;
• Green tea extract – strengthens and strengthens hairs/eyelashes, stimulates their growth;
• Aloe vera extract – restores lost moisture in dry hairs, strengthens the structure, and restores weak hairs and eyelashes.

The pH value is 9.5, which means it penetrates through the hairs, making the color last about 8 days on the skin and 5-6 weeks on the hairs, providing an intense final result.

The mixing ratio of the solution and tint is 1:1. With an exposure time of 5 minutes, you get a natural effect. With an exposure time of 10-15 minutes, you get an intensive, bold effect.

After the brow lamination procedure, the tint should be left on for 1-3 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the shade. The color saturation and the degree of skin staining depend on the duration of tint exposure.

“Lami Hybrid Tint Savannah” not only colors the hair and creates a beautiful shade on the skin but also contains nourishing ingredients that help strengthen, protect the hair, and stimulate its growth.

This tint can be used for both eyebrows and eyelashes. The range includes 5 beautiful colors, allowing you to create different shades and customize them according to your client’s needs.


Black Panther – Blue Black, Bronze Tiger – Medium Brown, Choco Deer – Dark Brown, Gold Serval – Light Brown, Kit with 2 oxides, Kit with 2 oxides + remover + pre-treatment, Oxidant 1,5%, Oxidant 2,8%, Umber Girafe – Chestnut